Moroccan-British mannequin Nora Attal voices assist for Asian neighborhood within the US


DUBAI: Morrocan-Egyptian-Dutch mannequin Imaan Hammam was not too long ago interviewed by award-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross for i-D Magazine’s newest “Dystopia Issue,” of which Hammam is the quilt star. 

During the candid interview, Hammam spoke on every little thing from her charitable work with non-profit group She’s the First to her first-ever journal cowl.

Ross additionally quizzed Hammam about who a number of the ladies that encourage her are, and the mannequin’s reply might come as a shock to some.

The 24-year-old revealed that one among her inspirations is iconic Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum, who died in Cairo in 1975.

“I don’t know if you know her. But she was an Arabic singer in the 60s,” she explains to Ross. “Her story is incredible. At that time, as a woman, to be a singer was really difficult. And you know all about that. So definitely Umm Kulthum,” she stated.

Indeed, Umm Kulthum is taken into account one of many Arab world’s best singers to ever stay.

The legendary Egyptian musician referred to as the “Star of the Orient” and the “Grand dame of Arab singing,” was revered globally for her distinctive vocals and well-liked hits like “Al-Atlal,” “Qadheet Hayati,”  and “Alf Leila w Leila,” amongst others.

Global music sensation Beyonce even paid homage to the late singer throughout her “On the Run” tour, the place she sampled Umm Kulthum’s “Enta Omri” within the opening of a efficiency.

In addition to the enduring singer, Hammam additionally shared that her mom can also be an enormous supply of inspiration to her, along with fellow supermodels Iman Abdulmajid and Naomi Campbell. 

“My mom has been a big inspiration for me as well, because she came to Holland as an immigrant and really took care of us,” famous the catwalk star. “I mean, I don’t really come from a wealthy family and you know, we’ve had our struggles but she was inspirational.”

She added: “Someone I really appreciate is Iman, the other Iman. Iman and Naomi Campbell, they’re the ones that opened the doors for us. Bethann Hardison, too, she’s the queen. She’s the best. Yeah, so I think those are the people I really aspire to.”

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