‘Nayattu’ film overview: A convincing portrayal of the mercilessness of a faceless system


Director Martin Prakkat chooses a darker temper, which sits properly with the hopelessness that pervades the movie

Early on in ‘Nayattu’, we see police officer Maniyan (Joju George) reluctantly manufacturing proof towards somebody, following orders from a outstanding politician. By the practiced ease with which he goes about this act, we all know that this isn’t the primary time he’s doing it, neither wouldn’t it be the final. “Even goons have the freedom to not take up quotations they don’t want to. The police do not have that freedom,” he tells rookie police officer Praveen Michael (Kunchakko Boban), revealing his helplessness.

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But when it turns into inconvenient for the system, it received’t take lengthy for it to show the hunt towards those that have been as soon as their hunters. Police officers Maniyan, Praveen and Sunitha (Nimisha Sajayan) are compelled to go on the run after they realise that the police, as a consequence of political strain, is attempting to border them in a case, wherein the circumstantial proof is towards them.

In his fourth movie, Martin Prakkat makes an attempt to put naked the inside workings of the regulation and order equipment, and appears at how the political ramifications of high-profile circumstances and media narratives can form the ultimate outcomes, as per the script written from high. Shahi Kabir, a civil police officer, who wrote the screenplay for ‘Joseph’ brings his information and expertise of working within the division to the desk.


  • Director: Martin Prakkatt
  • Cast: Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan, Kunchakko Boban

A substantial a part of the preliminary half is spent in telling us the non-public backgrounds of the three law enforcement officials. Two of them are from Dalit backgrounds and all three are usually not economically well-off. Maniyan has invested all his hope on his younger daughter, however is continually involved that he’s by no means current for her when she wants him. All these particulars would come to play a key function within the narrative later.

At the centre of the battle is Sunitha’s criticism towards one in every of her kin, an area ruffian related to a Dalit political group. In the station, issues get out of hand however political strain once more saves the day for the goon. But even when the script appears to have good intentions, a few of the scenes at this level have a doable implication that the legal guidelines empowering Dalits are someway being misused, which isn’t true contemplating the variety of circumstances of Dalit oppression nonetheless being reported.

Other than this misstep, the movie stays firmly on the facet of those that are combating a shedding battle towards the system. Taking a shift from the flashier presentation and upbeat temper of his earlier movies, Prakkat chooses a darker temper, which sits properly with the hopelessness that pervades the movie. The viewer can be immersed on this world with the trio, feeling each ounce of the concern and anger that they expertise. But the fairly ambiguous epilogue can depart extra questions than solutions within the thoughts of some viewers.

‘Nayattu’ is a convincing portrayal of the mercilessness of a faceless system, the place the hunters might change into hunted earlier than they even realise it.

Nayattu is at the moment working in theatres

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