Top Restaurateur Proposes To Offer His Restaurants As Vaccination Centres During Lockdown


The meals and hospitality sector grew to become one of many worst-hit sectors publish the announcement of the nationwide lockdown final 12 months. The enterprise was solely beginning to choose up late final 12 months when the second wave of the pandemic quashed the renewed sense of hope. The sense of panic intensified when large metro cities Delhi and Mumbai enforced curfews and lockdowns. “Once again, our restaurants are relegated to being delivery kitchens, a sense of pessimism has replaced our short-lived optimism and we are once again back at fighting for our mere survival,” Mr Anurag Katriar, President of The National Restaurant Authority Of India mentioned in his assertion when the weekend curfew in Delhi was introduced on 15th April.

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While things may not be looking up for the industry in the coming times, top restaurateur Zorawar Kalra’s gesture to offer his network of restaurants as vaccination centres during lockdown is being lauded on social media. Kalra took to Instagram to write about the importance of getting vaccinated, “Vaccination on a conflict footing is the important thing to eliminating the pandemic.”

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“As such, if the authorities allow, we might love the provide our community of eating places throughout the nation as vaccination centres throughout the lockdown. I hope vaccine availability points get resolved quickly” he further mentioned in his offer.

In the caption he wrote, “Happy to supply our system in 9 cities throughout the nation as vaccination facilities throughout the lockdown.”

The government made all above 18 years of age eligible to get vaccinated from May 1. However, many are complaining about inadequate slots on the website. The government tied up with many schools that have now been turned into vaccination centres to ramp up the vaccination drive.
Zorawar Kalra, son of restaurateur Jigg’s Kalra own a network of restaurants that include popular restaurants like Made In Punjab, Farzi Cafe, Masala Library and Pa Pa Ya.

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